If I Were Dying


If I were dying, I’d still show up on your doorstep
I’d treat it like you were my last when I have nothing left
If I were dying, I’d still come crawling back to you
Sit in your arms and act as if this was nothing new

If I were dying, bullet hole in my chest
Bleeding out and crying, I’d love you with every last breath
If I were dying, cracked lips and shaky palms
Id reach out for you to hold me until I’m calm

If I were dying, watching the clock count down my last minutes
I’d wanna say all the sentences to you I never got to finish
If I were dying, and the doctors did everything they could
I’d ask you to move on, even though I already know you would

If I were dying, and you were holding the gun
I would still cling to your skinny arm, I wouldn’t run
If I were dying, and you were to blame
I’d still be sitting in my hospital bed, calling out your name

If I were dying and it satisfied you
I’d quit breathing just to please you
I’d reach inside and grab my beating heart
Rip it out and watch it fall apart

If I were dying, it’d be for you
Because you would die for love, wouldn’t you?

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  • Goldfinch60

    Very good loving words Evergreen.


    • Evergreen

      Thank you!

    • orchidee

      Good write Evergreen.
      You'll feel like you're dying if ya hear me sing, and that's a fact! That's all ya gotta worry about. heehee.

      • Evergreen

        Haha, I’d love to hear that voice!

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