Kim Goodell

Just Me

Just Me, that's who I am!  And I do get angry!!  All of my life I have been afraid.  Of everything and everyone.  It took a long time for me to realize this.  But,I am just Me.  I have tried to tell one of my older brothers  this Fact, about Me, but he didn't understand.  And, I couldn't explain myself,SHIT!!!  That is who I am..... Just Me.  KIM


  • Julie B

    You are very brave ... Great words

  • Goldfinch60

    Stay strong and maybe one day that strength will lead you to a better place.

    Welcome to MPS.

  • L. B. Mek

    and what an outlet
    you've Chosen
    to utilise KIM: let it all out!
    rage! rage! give it all you've got
    do not let other's judge
    instead, cling to that voice
    burning deep from within
    let it sing
    loud and ever Proud!
    Nature has no mistakes
    your fire is a tool
    you've just to find
    that perfect-fit avenue
    for expressing what beauty
    awaits, within your flames
    that yearn: to warm
    this cold, cold world
    we call, home...
    thanks for inspiring my little reply,
    keep expressing yourself,
    small steps insure 'those' trips
    of life aren't as painful
    and take your time to reflect
    before climbing back-up
    and continuing on your path...
    may your rewards be bountiful
    also, look up - once in a while,
    remind yourself
    even our world - itself
    is but a small cog
    in that big churning universe
    so, no rush - take your time
    and insure, at the end
    you get to sing:
    'My friends, I'll say it clear
    I'll state my case of which I'm certain
    I've lived a life that's full
    I traveled each and every highway
    But more, much more than this
    I did it my way'
    (lyrics from 'My Way' by Paul Anka)

  • FredPeyer

    Welcome to MPS Kim. L. B. Mek said it all. Sometimes putting words to paper helps to untangle the mess inside our heads. So keep your head high and let it all out!

  • Kim Goodell

    Thank you All for your words of encouragement!!

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