Nancy Rdz LL


Swimming in the deep depths of tales
A place where writers sometimes go
In urgent need to find themselves
To envision again the writing flow

A place where words swim like fish
Many are like sirens that sing in bubbles
that carries their voices in bliss
Hiding their beauty in the trenches tunnels

All glow shining with inscriptions within
Giving ideas that can create
A plot for your mind to confine in
That exploit to initiate.

As you go deeper into the abyss of its body
It gets darker, colder
Luring you to it's embody
Time is growing older
As getting closer yet feeling bolder
Enthralled in its ebony shadows shoulder

Now alone with a blank mind
No one can save you this time
It's up to you on how to evade the mine.
It wants you there
Now trapped and soon in need of air
You're falling into despair
It's calling you but ostensibly to not bear!!!

Swimming through is a murky cast
It swims in, at full blast
Stalks you like a shark
Can't see well it's too dark!!!
Freshly still like a simple bass
It's way too sharply fast
As hoping that good fate
Comes to make it pass
Or make you it's intent bait
Maybe even to occasion a special date.

It comes...... It comes!!!

Then silence fills to surround
Yet there's nothing around
With not a speck of sound
What has happened?
This is all so rapid...
Am I dead in the oceanic's shroud?

Then a source of swirling light
Endows my presence
A feeling so unique in essence
giving me a sense of no fright
Darkness and fear is now evanescence
What never was to result in a bad bite.
Now my hands are inspired
to naturally write
For the seas, stories had conspired
To paint in black ink
Giving a talent with passion
So there's no way for them to sink
But to float like jellies
With pink flopping bellies
Giving them a sensual attraction
Almost like ballerinas on a stage
That dance with grace
To the seas gravity with no name or age
Love how well they rhythm at the same pace

It's all now coming to me...
And I can see and do I proudly see
In a sweet art masterpiece
That I made it be...
I want to feel it's dew
It's meadow harmony that arches in peace
In the profound beauty of it's blue
The skill I carried and always knew
Was never far from me
I had to get prompted starting at new
Hey you got this don't worry
Now get on and write your story...

  • Author: Nancy Rdz LL (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 22nd, 2021 01:18
  • Comment from author about the poem: wrote this poem for anyone that lost the inspiration and imagination to write anything. We all have the gift just need to focus and feel the passion of writing .
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  • dusk arising

    Im knackered after reading all that. That was a long one, I often give up in boredom with long pieces but not today. Loved the swimming interlude which gave me a big grin..... nice one.

    • Nancy Rdz LL

      Yes, I see haha still learning stuff on here...
      Yea I might exhaust eyes but it'll be worth it, haha...

      • dusk arising

        Any problems just give me a yell and i'll try to help if i can.

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      • Nancy Rdz LL

        Thank you Dusk rising,
        I'm glad you liked. It's usually long my poetry cause not only is it a poem but it's telling a story is why some are long.

        It's one if my favorite this poem.

        • dusk arising

          Nancy, see the little grey box with 'reply' in it. If you click on that not only does a new box open for you to write a reply in but the person you are replying to gets a notification that you responded... just tryin to be helpful.
          So you're going to exhaust us with lengthy pieces. I better get in training then and get some stamina.

        • Goldfinch60

          That muse an be found in so many places where words are hidden and are then found to put onto paper.
          May your muse never fail you Nancy.


          • Nancy Rdz LL

            Thank you Andy, I have the muse in me every time. It's like I have to write continuous cause I have so much to write about and also strange vivid dreams I have and I have to write down. Idk if I can post stories here but it he nice to.

            I have written my dreams and made story or a series and I'm working on one called yellow eyes a scary nightmare I had about an evil cat after me. So it was quite long the dream and enough to remember till the end that I made a story and would he nice to share on here.

          • orchidee

            Good write Nancy. I never knew there was so much in our minds (or did I?). well, I know now! lol.
            What's in me mind? Nothing. 'Touch wood' as they say - *touches me head!*

            • Nancy Rdz LL

              Thank you Orchidee,
              Haha... Yeah we do got lots to write we just need to get inspired to release those thoughts and ideas. My writing has gotten better through time I can tell and I never thought I'd even write a I'm like this, when I wrote this poem I was even impressed and said wow I wrote this haha... That's when I know my writing is even better. I feel anyone can do the same just need dedication and patience.

              • orchidee

                Hey, you can even 'Favourite' your own poems, if you wish! That may seem getting a bit too big for our boots though. But if no one else favourites our poems - let's do it, yes?! lol. I don't use 'favourites' button much though.

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              • L. B. Mek

                an inspiring read, really well thought-out
                thanks for sharing

                • Nancy Rdz LL

                  THANK YOU L.B MEK,
                  and you welcome, I'm glad you liked. 🙂

                • Jerry Reynolds

                  Enjoyable story Nancy well written.

                • FredPeyer

                  Nancy, you expressed the writers problem real well. Sometimes it does feel like we are drowning, but alas, we do come up for air and voila.....

                  • Nancy Rdz LL

                    Thank you Fred, I do feel it's like that cause it even happens to me but in the end, I find my way up to the clear surface and everything is ok and my mind starts to think better and better creative thoughts. We all get stuck in that sea but the sea is full of lots of things to write about.

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