MIDNIGHT TRILOGY (3) About Midnight.

Doggerel Dave

I work spotlight for a club in London;

It provides a cabaret, food and girls

Complete with champagne and a companion.

(I work there - I'm not about to tell tales).


The term companion will have to do,

I'm minding my own business anyway.

I know the world fairly well, as should you;

Those private interactions - who's to say?


The floorshow’s glitzy but right for the place;

With songs and dancing girls it moves quite fast.

The charm it has is all on the surface                                 

We’re kept busy then it’s over at last.


It’s midnight when that early show is done.

Simon works control board and leads our brood

(Two spot operators of which I’m one)

Straight off to the kitchen to find some food.


From lighting gantry to our meal we all  

Navigate down a passage lined with thighs,

Where short skirted women await a call

And I attempt custody of my eyes…


Onward to the kitchen to find that food.

Tonight it’s pasta nicely under cooked; 

And away from the gantry’s heat it’s good-

It was the Chef’s best option when we looked.


Over the coffee which is made quite strong

There’s discussion, argument, jokes to tell.

Caffeine saves us as the night’s fairly long;

We three blokes though quite different get on well.


Simon is hip – he’s John Lennon’s double

With shoulder length hair and steel rimmed glasses.

I’m straight looking but we’re not in trouble;

Simon is cool man, this is the sixties.


Back to the second show, the final burst.

An hour later we’re done for the night,

So late with no way of slaking a thirst.

The women stay on  - legs there to daylight.           


I’m saved a hard night on Euston station

(It’s late  - no trains to my place at this time).                  

Simon’s very kind – his invitation

Rescues me from a mainline bench’s grime.


I accept his invite without a fight -

Off to beanbags in his communal pad;

I’m warm dry and safe on Saturday night,     

Saved from some discomfort that could go bad.    


Forty years on a particular song                       

Turns up on radio - I’m transported

Back to that gantry’s heat which is still strong

And the seedy buzz which has not muted.








  • Author: Doggerel Dave (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 23rd, 2021 19:42
  • Comment from author about the poem: Very late '60's - early '70's.
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  • dusk arising

    "And I attempt custody of my eyes" - what an excellent line! - out on stalks i imagine.
    A good read, we all have interesting past lives it appears. Did you know Orchi and his dog were archers at the battle of Hastings where a wounded King Harold taught him to sing. Kept an eye on him.
    So why did yer emigrate? It was a bit late for those prison ships.

    • Doggerel Dave

      Hi dusk. I’m absolutely certain that out there (I mean here) most people have interesting lives – they just don’t want to versify it the way I do. But I’m no good at metaphor etc…so this is what I dish up.
      You have to remember that it was the 60’s and skirts had only very recently crept up over the knee. But now, after all this time….I still have to make the effort…
      Emigrate? Got dragged out here age 13. Did my adolescence in sweaty North Queensland. Disturbed? Yes, probably.

      • dusk arising

        Now I'm seriously worried about your corrupt self. You were working in a soho sleaze joint at age 13 when you were dragged off to Oz.... I trust you were dragged, not wearing drag (couldn't resist that one)..... show us yer knees to prove it..... you're in serious trouble if you've got carpet burns on ya knees.

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      • Goldfinch60

        Those times of the sixties were so wonderful, I was there and yes I remember them dancing the night away in my new suit with the collarless jacket aka The Beatles. Wonderful memories that can be brought back with a song.


        • Doggerel Dave

          Didn't see you there, Andy - I would have put the spot on you if I had known. How were the girls? 🙂


        • Fay Slimm.

          Wow - what a well written tale of your experience of nightlife in London - - I logged onto the same poetic description of you taking custody of your wandering eyes Dave - an engaging read and am so glad I caught your impressively rhymed story of back-along.

          • Doggerel Dave

            Thanks a lot Fay - I do hope I\'m not boring you...?
            Not going to get better though, so hold on to your hat!

          • Neville

            Say it like it is or woz why dont'cha

            This is brill Dave & I aint talkin fish ...


            • Doggerel Dave

              Another resurrection! - Wot can I say? ..... Oh Yeh - Thanks Neville...

              • Neville

                ............................. will maybe start to call you Lazarus 🙂


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              • sorenbarrett

                An interesting experience and one to file away in memories library. They say our experiences make us who we are. A great story.

                • Doggerel Dave

                  Yes, it is a rich well remembered period in my life.

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