Julie B

She again !

She opened the doors to my heart

She brought the universe in to my soul

She undressed my insecurities

She disarmed the chaos in my mind 

She let me see my wreckage

She let me see I was locked in my head ,

Like a house with no windows 

She led me to the light .


I was not a forgotton toy ! 


  • Jerry Reynolds

    Very hopeful Juli. Good words

    • Julie B

      Thankyou Jerry

    • FredPeyer

      Well written Julie, sometimes it takes another person to show us who and what we are.

    • Sam Wolf

      very nice
      & true
      good people are
      essential in this rotating wheel ...

    • Goldfinch60

      May that light be forever with you Julie.


      • Julie B

        Thankyou Andy

      • L. B. Mek

        so definitively: self-empowering,
        a good read

        • Julie B


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