dusk arising

a new beginning....



I know a place
on the side of the hills
where the bluebells offer
a carpet of magic
beneath silver birch.
How I long to sit
beneath slim boughs
and luxuriate
in natures springtime

Covid lockdown brings
a longing for those
wonders which once
were so easily taken
for granted.
From these trying
bad times comes
some good then
as it teaches us
to appreciate our
beautiful planet.

Now we could start afresh
to look after it.


  • Goldfinch60

    True words d a, the beauty of nature will be there when we arise from this awful time.
    My River is non existent at the moment, cannot even see the surrounding fields through the water.


    • dusk arising

      Truth is, your river flows through you Goldfinch. And it flows out of you bringing joy and positivity to those you smile upon with both your lips and pen.

    • orchidee

      Good write Dusk.
      You converted?! But seriously, I can't help noticing the 'river' of the Holy Spirit. I'm often on about Him living within Christian believers in my poems.
      That picture looks like one that an artist does, that I know.

      • dusk arising

        No conversion in me Orchidee, I have always believed in a god. Though what i envisage god to be is probably far removed from a christian's vision and certainly does not need the bullshit, falseness, riches and duality which the christian churches and others have dreamed up and preach to their brainwashed. What the f..k a bishops robes, for example, have got in common with god eludes me.

        • orchidee

          I suppose it's a carry over from Old Testament days, centuries ago now, when priests had to have special garments, including robes.

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        • Suresh

          Now it would be wonderful to lie down amongst those bluebells, and appreciate nature.
          Beautiful words and image.

          • dusk arising

            This was from the heart, thank you for your kind words.

          • FredPeyer

            d a, you said it beautifully. Why is it that something always needs to be taken away before we can appreciate it? And I do hope there will be a fresh start.

            • dusk arising

              It's in our nature to take things for granted when we live life at such a pace. But covid has slowed us down. Thanks Fred, always appreciate your words.

            • Neville

              these words are a good example of one of those facts that surely need to be shouted from one hilltop to another .......... very much enjoyed sir ...

              • dusk arising

                Wouldn't it be a grand thing if we were tomorrow all more caring about this planet 'home' Neville? Pleased you enjoyed this one.

              • Fay Slimm.

                Such emotive words that make us at this troublesome time realize the richness of nature and dream of soon seeing its beauty again. A beautiful read Dusk.

                • dusk arising

                  I know I cannot capture the beauty of nature with your finesse m'lady of the seasons but nonetheless I do long for such as i describe here. Thank you for your kindness.

                • willow tree

                  Yes agree and now we can look after our home .

                  • dusk arising

                    We can as individuals, yes willow, and hope enough will follow to make a difference.

                  • AlitaOpal

                    I'm truly feeling you, god is truly that an expression of each and everyone of us.. not separate but as a whole.. your work is beautiful 🌹

                    • dusk arising

                      You are very kind to say that. Yes, god is in us all and all around us. Our world is beautiful and teaches those of us who listen, for nature is so forgiving.... well, up to a point..... we must strive to not let that point be reached.

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