My world


I am existing in this world but only just a part of me.
I dont participate anymore my life has now closed all the doors.
I try to step into my fears but still i can't face all my peers
I do not put in to this world my work, my effort my sweat, my tears.
I feel so useless weak and mild my strength its left so far behind.
I cannot be a part of this, the part that I do really miss
The 9 to 5 the worn out feet and even down to friends you'd meet
The weekend comes your time is yours theres no alarm or closing door

There is no bus to run and catch there is only extra sleep too snatch.
But for many of us now we sit and know that we have nothing we can show.
we didnt work or earn a crust where was our sweat, where was our tears we were at home with all our fears.
This is the pain we have to bare because of this we go no where
So please be kind this world of mine please do not leave us far behind.


  • evangalinefrances

    I love this poem it's so well written very beautiful!

    • heatherbee

      Thankyou very much for your kind words.

    • dusk arising

      You dear soul, are very much a part of this world and will never be left far behind whilst you can share such lovely thoughts with us as you do today.
      You haven't been here on MPS for many days, but when I am here, i now look for your posts. You have a rich way of saying 'the living life of things'.

      • heatherbee

        Thankyou so much such lovely words. Thankyou again for reading my poems there from the heart.

      • Goldfinch60

        Not just part of you is in the world of your poetry, it is here for us all to see. Our kindness is yours Heather.


        • heatherbee

          Thankyou Andy.

        • AlitaOpal

          Your poem is amazing and so is your world.. I woke up really early this morning and was graced with your poem. 🌹

          • heatherbee

            Thankyou so much for your kind words AlitaOpal.

            • AlitaOpal

              You are most welcome heather bee 🎈

            • orchidee

              A sensitive write Heather.

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