Break the Surface

Secrets kept beneath the depths

are suffocating

I am crying out for breath

Resuscitating, evading death

is worth the stress I'm hating

But I'll surely feel blessed

and invested in my purpose

When I break the surface


Truth in breath 'til none is left

for it, you're waiting

To it, I have made you deaf

Been hesitating, late in stating

What I hold deep in my chest

Confessions will be worth it

When they break the surface


Blackest depths in which I've leapt

Felt safe in darkness

But the heft of burdens kept

Descend to heartlessness, I start this

hardest repentance to my ascent

The truth will be my service

I've nearly broken surface




  • Goldfinch60

    Good words, keep going up the surface is close and you life will go in in joy and love.


    • b-LAH-que

      Thanks Andy, may you experience much joy and love in your life as well.

    • AlitaOpal

      So very true, the truth just IS.. I enjoyed reading this master piece 🌹

      • b-LAH-que

        Wow, that's quite the accolade, thank you! I'm very glad you enjoyed it.

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