The mist

willow tree

I want to describe how White and clean the mist appeared for but half an hour

Newly wedded to the ground in

such a beautiful billowing cloud of a gown

Then twilight kidnapped her and she disappeared through the mud

Into the clay puddled earth

  • Author: Willow tree (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 7th, 2021 05:50
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Kevin Michael Bloor

    Good use of personification and clever construction. Lovely imagery: 'newly wedded to the ground' and 'Then twilight kidnapped her.' Sometimes such beautiful sights or events are elusive and slip through our hands before we can describe them for others. Excellent little poem! Well done.

    • willow tree

      Tku , My schooling’s was limited so I’m going to look up what personification means in relation to the poem !😀thank you for your feed back .
      Yes that’s true , I suppose that is what poets are trying to do describe a moment or feeling in time before it skips away in the forever changing now !

    • Kevin Michael Bloor

      Personification: the giving of human attributes to inanimate things. Eg, 'She (the mist) disappeared through the mud.' And 'newly wed to the ground' as if the mist was a woman who could be married.

    • orchidee

      Good write Willow.
      You could have 'anthropomorphism' too - about the same meaning as 'personification'.
      I only said that cos it's a long word, and I'm showing off! lol.

      • willow tree

        !! Impressive 😀

      • Jerry Reynolds

        Thoughtful words W.T.
        Personification and anthropomorphism great words if you are stuck for syllable count.

      • Goldfinch60

        Beautiful imagery in your words willow.


      • L. B. Mek

        how swift, ever-after plays out
        in that dreary - bleak
        of reality's: streaked cheeks...
        how vividly your metaphors and similes - breathe life, into mere words dear Poet,
        thanks for sharing a wonderful read

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