All these questions and you’re still not happy

You sit thinking every night

About that

About you

But why do you have to question yourself when the relationship is perfect

But maybe it's not what you think

Maybe it's just not meant to be

But why do you keep holding on

Why can't you just let go

Is it because you feel like you won't be ok on your own?

Or maybe it's because your scared of being alone because he's the only one that's similar home

Maybe your scared of building up the trust that you made with him

Because you made a bridge to tear it down but sometimes that bridge just isn't right any more

Because one day that bridge will need renovating

Someday that bridge will need to be knocked down because it's fell apart because of the cracks that's it's got over the years

But you will be ok

I promise

It's only the unknown that is the biggest part of your fears

Your hurting because your scared but Is it worth hurting just for now or forever because you can't leave

A life is worth living

A life is for you

A life is not worth hurting

“But that one time”

That one time he was nice? That one time felt different? That one time is what you want all the time

Your clinging onto that one time thinking it's coming again

But it won't because he's not going to change and that's the truth you keep wiping off yourself every time your crying in the shower.


  • Olivia.

    So relatable. It’s lovely x

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