Cruising on the Red Line

I’m on the train, I’m heading south
As you get on, my heart starts pounding
You ask yourself “have we ever met?
You sit by me while I’m still standing.

I stare at you; you choose to ignore me
You sense that I desperately want you
Your face is masked, your eyes avoid me
You start to sense a strong attraction.

Stop after stop, we keep-on going
I know your stop is getting closer
If up to me, I'll camp right here
I go nowhere while you’re still near.

You suddenly find the courage to speak
You utter your name, I'm amazed you did
You rearranged your mask, I see you smile
I said my name, we both went quiet.

You moved your mask; what a gorgeous face!
You are an angel from God coming down for me
You stand up and turn revealing your shape
You're so fucking hot! I can hardly think!

I’ll make an attempt to control this attraction
I refuse to become one of those creepy raiders
I must find the strength to control the compulsion
'Cause there nothing worse than feeling unwanted.

You get up and turn facing the window
But I see you looking at my reflection
Can this possibly be, are you flirting with me?
I don't want to get hurt, I can't take the risk.

The train conductor announced once again
“This is the Red Line, Belmont is next”
You start to catch on, I'm nervous as hell
This hot sexual fantasy is about to end...

“This is Belmont, all aboard”
“Last chance to transfer to Brown and Purple lines”
As you walk away, you looked back then smiled
I think you expect me to follow you now.

I don’t have the balls to do what you want
I could be wrong, it'd happen before
But I'll be on this train every night and day
Until the time comes when I see you again.



  • FredPeyer

    Nicely done, Ed! Your writing drew me in, made me want to know more. Sad ending though with a glimmer of hope. But isn't life like that?

    • daydreaming

      Life is like that. Only the unsuccessful encounters are the ones I will forever remember. This is a was a true story actually. Most of my poems are based in real life facts.

      I recognize that there is a universal feeling of sadness throughout my poetry. And this is how I discharge my sadness, pain and desperation. Once on paper, my words trap those negative feelings and I am able to get them away from me. The end result is a very happy and fulfilled person in real life. Anything and everything negative about me is captured by my verses and put away for good 😌 in a place where it does not hurt me or anyone else.

      Hope I make sense. Thank you for reading this poem and for your comment.

    • Doggerel Dave

      Within My memory are lodged several such missed opportunities. Each time I asked myself 'what have I got to loose?' Still no move. aaah!
      You've been upfront about utilizing poetry as therapy; I believe quite a few contributors do that here - something I should be more mindful of.

      • daydreaming

        Writing is the best therapy there is. The entire human existence is based on our ability to identify everything around us by giving it a name and meaning. Therefore and in my humble opinion, we construct reality by thinking of it and giving shapes, color, sound, and tangible things a name. When I name what afflicts me I can then do with it whatever I want. And that’s how I survive this big and crazy world.

      • Goldfinch60

        Those memories are so powerful on occasions like this, good write daydreaming.


        • daydreaming

          Thank you Andy. They sure are...

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