Up on my Roof

I’m wide awake, I can’t shut down
My mind won’t let me rest tonight
Tossing, turning, I can't relax
And as I try to wear me out
I’m getting up to take a walk.

I’m going up, not going down
The virgin snow covers my path
The snow refuses to meltdown
Four hundred feet up in the air
I am the only man awake.

I lay my eyes in all directions
Hundreds of buildings dark and lifeless
Up and down, nothing but silence
I wait and wait to see some action
Hoping to force in me a reaction.

I then see lights, on and off
Here and there, more as time goes on
I hope I’m not a peeping tom…
I just won't move and stay real calm.

I see the shadows in the background
Some move slowly, others faster
I feel like yelling “what’s the matter”
“You will survive the morning after”
“Don’t let your boss think you’re a slacker!”

But when I look at where I am
I’m now immune to modern life
I realize that time has passed
And I no longer feel the stress
I’ve traded youth for some success.

I no longer have to struggle
For as long as I stay humble
No one pushes me around
I don’t care who they are
Self-sufficient, I truly am.

And now that I have reached my peace
Though I won’t tell you how to live
Find the balance that you need
To just look back and realize
Success was worth the sacrifice.


  • FredPeyer

    Well written Ed, but reading that last line I wonder if that is true all the time. I guess it depends on what success and what sacrifice.

    • daydreaming

      By success, I don't mean material things although money is essential for survival. I am referring to an acceptable standard of living in which food, shelter, and the things that interest us are attainable.

      By sacrifice, I am referring to the time spent on things we don't always enjoy. Staying home to study for an exam rather than go partying with friends over a weekend is a good example of that. Fighting the weather to get to work or managing school and work concurrently are other good examples.

      Thank you for your input.

    • Goldfinch60

      That balance in life is so important, I believe I am in that place where I am happy with what I have got, it is an important place to find in one’s life.


    • daydreaming

      I am too! Thank you.

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