Samer Amin





Under the calm ash, the flames are still burning.





Under the broken branches, the thorns are still hurting.





In the heart of the benevolent clouds of rain, 





 destructive lightning strikes still exist.




Behind a high dam, in the quiet water, huge potential energy still exist.




Under the tree covered mountain, the ingrained volcano is still boiling wildly.





Deep in the veins, the quake of life is still shaking off the despair.





Under many years of frustration, a dream is still glowing bright.





Under the heaps of frustration, a dream is still seething frantically.





Under the heaps of frustration, a dream is about to rise up.





Under the heaps of frustration, a dream is about to demolish with its fists the longstanding mountains of fear.





Under the heaps of frustration, a dream is about to scream so loudly until the smoke of fear would disappear,





and a bright sun would be revealed.





Because the dream knows if it can break the barrier of fear,





all its life is going to be retrieved.



  • Mary Peters

    very powerful , very thought-provoking, very real life like, and highly evocative, Samer Amin! This is also full of strong images and symbols capturing one's interest and attention. I have really enjoyed it!

    • Samer Amin

      Thank you very much for your beautiful analysis of these lines, and for your encouraging comment.

      I'm so glad you because you liked it.

    • Goldfinch60

      Yes all life will be there for us.


      • Samer Amin

        Thank you, Andy.

        Your deep wise remarks always revive hope deep in my heart.

      • orchidee

        A fine write Samer.

        • Samer Amin

          Thank you so much!

        • Fay Slimm.

          You capture the essence of chaos so well here Samer but the positive finalé will lift every reader to see life retrieved from such "barriers of fear" - - a fine write.

          • Samer Amin

            Thank you Fay for your clear and deep perception of the main theme of these lines.

            I really admire your precise observation and your beautiful remarks.

            I wish you a very nice and bright day.

          • Jerry Reynolds

            Dreams are as perennial as the grass. Good writing, Samer

            • Samer Amin

              Thank you, Jerry. This is a wonderful analogy.

              Dreams usually exhibit their hopeful evergreen leaves throughout the year, unless someone tries to test a new ''dream-icide'' in this case.

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