A passing lyric

Funny girl life

My life is funny 

you might laugh 

when I tell you about 

this life that I have.

Spent years in love 

with a boy who did not

give this funny girl 

the slightest second thought.

I was led on, led out

and messed around 

one day I reached out 

and he was no where to be found.

With my funny head in the clouds 

I started to lose patience 

lost friends, family, thoughts 

even lost my education.

Had funny little jobs 

with funny little pay 

funny anxiety 

funny dark days. 

loved another 

lost another 

sought a lover

gained a brother.

I float in this funny water

nobody searching for her 

except for laughs to lift the strife

living every day

in this funny girl life. 



  • dusk arising

    Wonderful. To read of how you smile through your experience of life whereas I read so many posts on MPS full of pain and anger from a similar path.

    You are a kindred spirit for I too have a similar reflective smile.
    We are the lucky ones with a happy disposition.

    • A passing lyric

      I love to hear from a kindred spirit every now and again ❤️ I hope you are smiling as always 😊

    • Trenz Pruca

      It was his loss.

      • A passing lyric

        You are too kind my friend ❤️

      • FredPeyer

        While you used the word 'funny' nine times, it seems to me that this great poem is much deeper than just 'funny' and that the 'funny girl' is much more than 'just funny'!

        • A passing lyric

          I applaud your eye for it sees the black and white amongst the colour ❤️

        • Jerry Reynolds

          Resilient write, KK.

        • Goldfinch60

          Super words KK, you are so strong and manage to smile through your life. One day you will be found by the person who loves you and your life will be more than wonderful.


          • A passing lyric

            Thank you so much Andy 🙏🏻 Just some feelings and words I needed to put down on paper ❤️

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