Walk with Me

Walk with me unwearied

peacefully and unhurried

with no stone underfoot or evil afoot 

Where the long walk finally bends 

 rightly towards equality 

The  road cleared of danger ahead 

We will all travel easily and limitlessly

and go Willy Nilly indiscriminately

sharing the sights of our natural beauty 

that every humane eye can see 

And the sun will shine down without partiality 

Illuminating the right-of-way for all 


Sky sighs and we rise 

to greet clouds shaped for us

With unharnessed trust

we merge into the motley of the many free

Unseparated but uniquely me and thee

bringing much respected good

to each and every neighborhood 

Each moment calling true

No tight smiled colorless grimace of a grin 

putting on black face to save face

 while calling us out disgraced 

 No fear of our otherness undressed 

exposed by contagiously baneful unlikeness 

We can be greeted and seated 

with everyday familiarity 

Well received occupying together

any valued space 

without burden of status or race 

No xenophobic badge of blue

 with darkened dirty white judgement 

to be criminally viewed 


Each well built bridge we draw near 

spanning the uproar of any raging river 

has no toll to cross or reason to fear 

No need to cling to the chasm 

of any narrow minded deep ravine 

cagily clawing forward

with stalwart bloodied hands 

while propping a unbalanced leg up

Fingers cramped and crossed heavenward  

Ladders will be provided for all

No chains or rope to hang low

to crush or scrape a unsuspecting brow

Just united arms crossed below 

 A foundation of care to catch our fall 


Walk with me everywhere fair

anywhere you want to go

Your travel pack foreseen will be full 

With no unneeded baggage to hold 

Rejoice and be the light 

At the end of every tunnel or trouble 

Be emboldened for the road ahead

Walk far and eagerly embrace the fresh air

No middle of the road cautionary line retreat 

to stay only in your lane 

No stop,detour, or keep out sign

That ends a journey in defeat 

Be the water and the welcome in

for those who travel in the heat


Climb clear to the edge 

Be the beautiful view and marvel at it all

Every ledge a foothold for renewal 

and a safe place to rest 

with strong voices singing 

Like nightingales before dawn 

Melody echoing far below 

Gaining strength in a chorus 

with harmony so sweet 

We are lifted up with hope to bestow 


Walk with me well fed 

In picnic like tranquility 

with the sun bright ahead 

Well shaded under a many branched tree

of broad leafed humanity 

Cultivated and with purpose grown 

through tree tossing storms and drought 

Each core ring of heart we have known

has strengthened our solidarity and solidity

on which our living years are about 

Seeded and watered continuously 

with tears blood and soul 

Finally trust to lean

 against what will be the solid safety 

and reliability of this mutually 

rooted tree of our democracy 

Walk with me in forests of healthy green

That we will sow together and continue to grow-MLH


  • Trenz Pruca

    Good poem. I would be happy to walk with you.

    • MLHnow

      Perhaps we walk the same road already!

    • Jerry Reynolds

      Hopeful write, MLH

      • MLHnow

        Hope keeps us walking that road
        Glad to meet you along the way!

      • Goldfinch60

        Good words MLH, one day "we will sow together and continue to grow"


        • MLHnow

          Yes! We have to believe it to make it so!
          Thanks for caring and that makes it so!

        • L. B. Mek

          epic in scope, a wonderfully uplifting read

          • MLHnow

            You uplift me with your positive intuitive words

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