Fate's Sonnet

Waves of broken fate flow from the black pit,
Sand-smothering wounds of dark depth’s embrace,
That leave to reveal gold-flecked fields sunlit,
We strip and revel in Sol’s new-filled space.

Sometimes too strong the thick eye of night shines!
Too harsh; aglow but eclipsing below;
And every beach and street darkly declines,
Shadowed life; skin no longer free to show.

But every night ends in resplendent dawn.
Tides retreat to reveal soft sun-kissed sheets.
Our bed; Our home; fair nature’s star-blissed lawn,
We will smile again in Earth’s bright blankets.

Dark water always lifts to skies of life,
Then falls; we drink it, and overcome our strife.


  • Jerry Reynolds

    Optimistic write, Brimelow.

  • Goldfinch60

    Good positive write.


  • yellowrose

    Interesting words . I enjoyed this . Nicely expressed

  • L. B. Mek

    a really good write, imagery in that second stanza is so impactful,
    well executed in tone as well as flow, thanks for sharing dear poet

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