At The Deepest Center

Let there be, and there was.
At the center of all things, there is Light.
I am, you are creation consolidated in
one breath of time.  We are every
mountain pointing to the sky,
every eagle riding wind currents
in the Rockies, every purple lilac
filling the valley with peaceful 
fragrance.  Exteriors provide identity,
uniqueness, but inside, the musical
notes are all the same, intricate 
mechanisms identical.  At the 
deepest center of myself where my
first drawn breath still moves
with the rhythm of my heart,
there is a pinpoint of light, the 
linchpin of life, the place where
the moment of myself becomes 
a miracle.  So for you, my friend.
So for you, my sister.  So for you,
my brother.  We are creation
contained in one click of the clock.
Let there be light,
and there was
and there is.


  • dusk arising

    Yes, totally agree and the light is within us too.
    Wonderful spiritual stuff without any of the religious mumbo jumbo which has confused so many minds among us.

  • Jerry Reynolds

    Good read, D.W.

  • yellowrose

    Lovely poem . I especially love the lines with reference to the eagle and the lilac

    Flows really well

    • DesertWords

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your insights.

    • Goldfinch60

      Such a true write DW, the light is always there within us.


      • DesertWords

        Thanks, Andy. Don't know where I would be without that light. And thank you for your good work. I have especially enjoyed Beautiful River and Snow Moon. I think I have walked by that river, too. It all sounds so beautifully familiar. And Snow Moon...the brilliance of the sun hurts my eyes, but the tenderness of the moon is an invitation into a world where gentleness and kindness have not been forsaken. Keep the thoughts coming...we all need the reminders. Roger

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