Created In The Image

"Almighty God, who created us in 
your own image..."  So begins the prayer
written in the book of tradition.  Image?

What is that?

Resemblance?  Character?  How can one
bear the image, especially when each of
us is different?  An identical twin, perhaps?
Unlikely, given my humanity.

If only tradition's volume had said "created
us with the potential to become..." then I
could let it go, check that box.  Inherent in
all, recognized by many, pursued by some
is The Capacity To Imagine, the image
by which I was formed in the nutrient
womb and released into the sandbox to
play with the other children.

I am, you are, we are gifted into life by
a Mystery whose nature is imagination
and whose hope is that I will shake off
the sand, step out of the box and find
my Way using the instruments and the
insights of Holy Imagination.

"Sacred Breath that imagined chaos into constellations,
darkness into light, and formed me with the capacity
and the urgency to imagine..."  So begins the
prayer written upon every human heart.  So we
bear the nature of God.


  • Goldfinch60

    Our god is within us it is not the one being thrust upon us by organised religions who just confuse reality.


    • DesertWords

      I agree with your statement, Andy. There is nothing wrong with re-imagining God in terms we can understand and appreciate. In fact, that's essential. Preserving the traditional definitions is admirable, as long as one understands that increasingly, over time, those definitions will become
      irrelevant and will be replaced by words people can understand, words that convey comprehensible meaning. That is happening today...slowly. Roger

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