I Forgive You, My Lord

The hustle and bustle of life distracts me, yet
I’m determined to stop and think for a moment
So, lets You and I get a little bit closer
I need to understand You before I grow older.

In the name of Faith, I must reconcile
I am trapped in a junction of space and time
What captures my senses, you created all that
That you’re my Creator, I accept this fact.

Is the way the World is, truly your will?
Was I made in your image, or from dirt on the ground?
Does the freedom I have cause evil and pain?
Why the need to defend me every time I sin?

Hunger and sickness are taking over the World
War and poverty threaten every human on Earth
Unwanted children with not even a home
Their prayers unanswered, there is no hope.

The powerful takes and takes from the weak
As few get richer, most have nothing to eat
The belief that we pay for the pain that we cause
“What goes around comes around” doesn’t always mean much.

Get off your Throne and level with me
The World around me isn’t what it should be
Why don’t you tell me once and for all
The World You created is beyond your control.

Admit for once that you desperately need me
My human mind allows your existence
For us to exist we need one another
And if we’re to survive let’s understand each other.

In the name of our bond between God and his creation
I will use the gift that from you I inherited
The power to transcend my human existence
Our nature may be different, yet very consistent.

I am sorry that hate is stronger than love
And that sickness is taking so many of us
I regret that justice cannot overcome
The special interest that rules the World.

I am sorry that we could not conquer death
The bar that you raised is too high to reach
If my instincts were closer to what you require
It would have been easier to meet your desire.

So I must forgive you for creating my soul
And for placing me in this imperfect World
A World neither of us can ever control
But with all my heart I forgive you, my Lord.


  • orchidee

    I admit I go along with 'blind faith' at times.
    Yet we are the creatures (created beings), and He is the Creator.
    One said: 'When I see God, I will give Him a good talking-to' - but we won't. We will bow before Him, or else we may be consumed by the light of His presence.

    • daydreaming

      I love and respect your comment. However, there is a piece missing in our theology that, in my opinion, does not justify pain, evil, and the unfairness I see in the world. And to say that it is all man's fault is too easy of an explanation. I am only trying to start an open converation where theological models are more realistic.

      • orchidee

        Thanks D. I see. I'm rather 'fundamental' but not 'hellfire and brimstone!'

      • dusk arising

        Your words here are those of someone coming to the realisation that the version of god we were all taught about from a young age is a sick fabrication of lies. Don't misunderstand me, I am no atheist, no anti god. But whatever god is, he/she/it ain't that thing in the bible.
        Plenty here reject that old tradition. We are in a new spiritual age.

        • daydreaming

          I think I went a little bit too far, maybe even disrespectful. But I needed to pierce the mind of the reader to allow for a totally different way of thinking about the relationship between man and God. Thank you for your comment.

        • Doggerel Dave

          To utilise the god fable as a hook upon which to hang a savage piece of social commentary is, for me, a nice poetic conceit.
          Good one, both content and form.

          • daydreaming

            Thank you for underscoring the connection I am trying to make between our social ills and the belief in a higher power. The bit of philosophy, theology, and ethics I know do not allow me to reconcile the world the way I see it. Thank you for your comment.

          • Goldfinch60

            I used to follow organised religion until my wife was taken by dementia, she had been singing a praying to the christian god all her long life but it did nothing for her at her end. I have now dismissed all organise religion but believe that there is a god in my life and that god is mine and will be waiting for me.

            May your god go with you.


            • daydreaming

              That is a very insightful and beautiful take on religion and how it fits in your life.

              I moved my mother to live with me and she suffers from dementia. To tell you more every significant person in my life suffers from some form of metal illness. I sometimes feel that I am alone in the world because I cannot lean on anyone or count on their support. I am their rock.

              You figure of all people I would rely on God for support. But I am so angry at Him or. Her that I refuse to reach out. But as I get older I seem to understand the role of divinity in my world and perhaps someday I will conclude that He or She is waiting for me too. Thank you for your comment.

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