Fay Slimm.

Our Poem



Our Poem.


Two sitting on dry sea-sand

muse on love's pull yet

cover true feelings

with flippant asides as doubt

begets more goodbyes.


Chances fly by while unstated

delay waits in the wings

and decisions waver 

with action-less silence that

feeds on snatched timing.


Gone now the wishes to end

the illicit and chase living

with heads bravely high,

dip feet in deep waters and

face needs of desire.


Not forgotten the wiles of

shared and shy feelings

that if but spoken 

would have made our poem

rife with potent rhyme.



  • orchidee

    A fine write Fay.

  • dusk arising

    How our endings have shaped our picture of a safer future. Who hasn't found themselves in a similar position to that you describe, overruled by a sense of self preservation. Until that final letting go when the floodgates of desire burst open. Oh the safety net lockdown has provided but shall we be so much more susceptible after? I imagine we will.

  • Jerry Reynolds

    Beautifully expressed, Fay. The scar tissue of love runs deep.

  • MendedFences27

    Sometimes the sweetest words are, "Goodbye my love," but they are also the most difficult to say. During these hard times, finding happiness is rare and maybe not meant to be, A return to normal may mean a return to loneliness. The unspoken truth is perhaps best to remain thus. - Phil A.

  • Goldfinch60

    That love will always be there within our hearts no matter what circumstances come within.


  • L. B. Mek


  • yellowrose

    Great poem , Fay 🙂

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