What Love Can Do

I hear the ring of texts and calls

My friends are worried, I’m all alone

Perhaps they fear I’ll lose control

God knows I took that road before.


So can you please just tell me how?

It’s hard to live without you around

I hear them say “Please just move on”

They just can’t wait for you to go.


Why can’t they chill and let me be?

There's just no way they’ll ever win

I keep our memories real, alive

My sadness has finally come to pass.


I built a world for you and me

Your spiritual presence is all I need

I have no time for anyone else

I'll give you all that's left of me.


Would you come down and teach me now?

I need to make them understand

Their efforts are a waste of time

I need to get them off by back!


I rather think of how we lived

And all the fun things that we did

They’ll have no choice but to accept

You’ll always be right here with me.


  • Goldfinch60

    I totally agree with your words dd, my wife passed away 15 months ago but she is still with me so I can understand your feelings.


  • L. B. Mek

    loyalty, truly is a virtue..
    accessibly worded feelings of loss, that readers can relate to easily
    I agree there is no such thing as time constraints for dealing with the pain that comes with loss,
    but similarly I doubt our loved one's will want us to remain suffering forever..
    an emotive read, thanks for sharing

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