Kevin Michael Bloor

Dead Man's Bones

Right here, below these hallowed stones,
lies buried deep a dead man’s bones.
(My father’s, if you’d care to know)
for him, I tend the flowers that grow.

I cultivate each tender bloom
to grace his long-neglected tomb.
For when I lost him as a child,
some said that I went weird and wild,

grew cold as steel and wouldn’t grieve
or wear my heart upon my sleeve,
like mum and gran and sister, Sue
and all the other crying crew.

And I would never come to weep
beside the grave where dad did sleep.
Instead, I’d while away the time
composing raw, romantic rhyme

for girl, who loved me when he left;
(became the bliss of boy bereft!)
while dad, forgotten underground
I left to sleep in peace profound.

Right here, this checkered child does wait;
‘been fifty years; is it too late
to tend these bonnie blooms that grow?
Too late for tender tears to flow?


  • Goldfinch60

    It is never too late.


  • Fay Slimm.

    Honest and so well rhymed Kevin this confession of youthful neglect when grief affects others and ending in such poignant questions your write has such an appeal.

  • L. B. Mek

    'grew cold as steel and wouldn’t grieve
    or wear my heart upon my sleeve,'..
    how well I relate:
    'I have never shed a tear at a funeral
    and yet
    many a night I've slept
    on pillows
    soaked with regret'..
    a great write dear poet!
    I'm sorry for your loss but know, the mere fact you have a father worth those tears that wait and accumulate, is a source for gratitude and in some small way,
    may - one day, represent a modicum of solace

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