Stroke After Stroke

On my computer, I can't let go
I enter a chat room with just a few strokes
I’m right in the middle of a virtual world
Hundreds of men as lonely as I am 
All halfway naked and hoping to find
A smoking hot man to hook up tonight.

I must get ready for those who demand
To see what they’ll get before wasting time
I better adjust the lights just in case
I meet someone younger who wants older men
I don’t want to scare my next one-night-stand
To think for one minute, I’m as old as his Dad.

I rolled up the dice when I gave him my name
I texted my number, the address as well
I learned not to expect too much from this game
The guys I meet disappoint me at best
But then, what the fuck can I possibly expect
From a sleazy site on the world wide web!

He came right over, we had nothing to loose
I was pleasantly shocked, his pictures were true!
I was hoping the attraction was just strong enough
To get him to stay and get a bit rough
I don’t get this lucky, I hate to admit
He’s going nowhere ‘til I get what I need.

One thing led to another and I must confess
I was crazy about him since our very first kiss
My age is alarming to most guys I meet
Most men his age wouldn’t go for me
But it did not bother him, not for one bit
I’ll pretend that we got a long life to live.

Week after week we kept playing this game
He calls me “Dude”, he is now a good friend
He’s fun and beautiful, I can get used to this
I'll trade his youth for the stability I'll bring
These modern life agreements are common these days
Though I prefer that he loves me at some point, someday. 



  • FredPeyer

    Daydreaming, looks like your dreams have come true.

    • daydreaming

      Mostly in my dreams. Though I can think about a few instances in which I did experience what I described. Otherwise, I would not be writing about it. LOL

      Thank you for the comment.

    • Goldfinch60

      One day that person will be there for you and your future together will be full of love.


      • daydreaming

        If this is going to happen it better happen now cause I am running out of time. LOL

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