To The Person Who Is Long Gone

When I look out my window and it starts to poor

That's when I realize I can't be without you anymore


You ran away 

And disappeared leaving me on



Im not me without you here

You left and I can't find you anywhere

I don't know how to get you back

I have tried all the possible ways


People say change is a good thing

But how is it good when I lost the 

One and only thing I need to be happy





And I 

It's gone leaving me an empty shell to be 


Into pieces the eye can barely see and impossible to fix


The me

My parents raised

The Me

My friends have knows for years

The Me

I remember


Im gone


The thing is no one knows

I put on a mask every time I'm not


I have learned how I was and 

Kept that projected

I hate having to do this to the 

People I care most about


I just can't fix it

I'm just so





  • Goldfinch60

    We all put on masks in differing situations but when we are with ourselves just think of the good that has happened in our lives and the real person shines through.


  • Jerry Reynolds

    Good write, P.L.
    We are chameleons by nature. Don’t abuse the skill.

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