Saviour Seen

Tune: Lancashire

('The day of resurrection')

Luke 24 v.33, and v.44-49


Jesus appeared to eleven

Disciples, was seen then

Said, These are the words I spoke to

You, and they have come true

Words fulfilled from Moses' law

And in the prophets sure

Concerning me, now you view

Me risen, even you


He opened their understanding

Spiritual light did bring

That they might in Scriptures see

How all God's plan would be

He said to them, Thus it is

Written of me, e'en this

That Christ should suffer, then rise

Third day, there be no lies


And that repentance, remission

Of sins to man be given

That this be preached in Christ's name

He our Saviour, the same

Witness among all nations

To human daughters, sons

Beginning at Jerusalem

And spreading out from them


They who were with Jesus  there

Were witnesses, did share

Of Him, received the promise

Of the Father, true this

In Jerusalem waited

Till they were in good stead

And endued with power from high

Preached gospel, Christ e'er nigh



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