what came first?

what came first?

the father or the crown

green sleeves or  eiderdown

how many times have mosquito's asked with their trousers down?

was it the grieving or the death

was it the powder or the keg

was it the kneeling down to prey ot the kneeling down to beg?

so many doubts of juice that wont stop running down my leg;

was it the hormone or the child

was it the daughter or the thief

was it the prayer of no importance or the prayer beyond belief?

was it the parting of the waves or the murder of the seas

was it the tablet for the giving or the tablet to thieve

was it the truth before the lie

was it the book before the eye

was it forty days or forty nights

was it the wet before the dry

was it the psalm before the palming off of cheap uncertainty?

was it god or was it satan?

they both look the same to me!









  • Goldfinch60

    Intriguing questions Melvin - I wonder what the true answers are?


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