I’m the wave that dissipates
In the vastness of the Ocean
I'm the wind that quickly dies
When it blows across the mountains
I'm the rain that simply dries
When it hits the scalding pavement
And the light that slowly fades
When the Sun's near the horizon. 

I'm the man who walked by you
Yet you didn't feel my presence
I‘m the one who needed you
You were too detached to help me
I’m the man who looked at you
But my interest was offensive
I just needed a good friend
But I made you feel defensive.

What’s so great about living?
We don’t even seem to care
About each other anymore
Don't let me walk behind you
Take a stand and walk beside me
Please don't ever shut the door
Why won't you care a little more?
That's what good friends are for.


  • Goldfinch60

    Friends are so important in our lives and your words show this.


    • daydreaming

      They can sometimes be a huge burden. That's why I tend to be a loner. But the true friends I have I will not trade for the world. Thank you.

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