Amanda Shelton


In the beginning,

I sacrificed my life

for peace and stable mind.


I kneel every night,

bow my head and take

my plight placing it

before the Lord’s feet.


It’s no longer mine,

I lift myself up to

the Lord’s divine plan;

I promised him I will

follow the roads he

built for me.

Along the way,

I met my shadow

many times, within

my meditation we take



Within this quiet place to reflect,

a mountain of possibilities

I climb and I moved the mountains

by building a strong foundation.


I am a tool, an influence

upon the environment.


I discovered myself years ago,

I once was lost; chained by

illness and grief, but faith

broke the chains and released

my soul.


I no longer grieve,

I accept my condition,

by doing so I have already

won the fight.


I use to argue with myself,

I fought self-esteem,

I hated my differences

and being unique.


I had to face my shadow

before the walk, for the

deeper parts of who I am

was lost.


Depression and anxiety

ruled my life, until

I took control

I became its friend.


I am my own advocate,

for I am a unique soul,

one in five million I

stand tall.


Be proud to be you,

we all are beautiful

and rare.


I am a unicorn, autistic

and fair.


I love you and

everyone too.


I understand without you

I wouldn’t be here.


Life is never about me,

its about everything else

around me.


We are the designers of

life, we move mountains

and oceans.


We are the title waves

upon the great tragity

of life.


Live well, be bold

and brave, for life

is too short to always

be afraid.


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  • Goldfinch60

    That last stanza says everything that is so true.


    • Amanda Shelton

      Thank you, I agree. Its my favorite line. I wrote it four years ago before adding it to this poem.

    • orchidee

      Good write Amanda.

    • Doggerel Dave

      Yes, I too would vote for the last stanza, Amanda.

      • Amanda Shelton

        Its my favorite line too. I thought it fit well at the end of this poem.

      • L. B. Mek

        empowering words: honesty of hard-earned wisdom exemplified, with the intent to motivate..
        just a great read, thanks for sharing

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