Poetic Dan

I may stutter on my words but healing I deserve

This was done on good Friday and now I've watched it back, I'm grateful to the healing I allow myself. I would of never got here if not for everything else, the one that wrote the cards, the ones that give me these feelings but most of all the ones that are willing to step into a brave vulnerable place!

Where we see no mistakes written on our face, we help each other get out of our own way.

To live authentically every day, then will always see love is here to stay.

It's up to us to choose which way, learning to grow from all the pain.


  • yellowrose

    It’s nice that you share a video ... 🙂spirit animals ! The description of the badger sounds nice ! I need to be braver .

    • Poetic Dan

      As we all do, I'm not fearless. I just have a awesome tribe around me

    • Goldfinch60

      That healing is now part of you Dan so you can now go forward into your wonderful life with happiness and love.


    • L. B. Mek

      thanks for sharing your wisdom, dear poet..
      'envisioned synthesis of self cultivated sincerity
      amongst this life of survival choices
      between chaos and solemnity
      is by its very nature: an ideal so hard to master..
      but within breathe, is a promise that allows us to strive
      and find a path to make that impossible dream
      a realised portrait of that self
      we painted into existence
      one - overcome brush stroke, at a time'..

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