Can we be broken together?

Can we hold each other up where we are torn?

Where the tape and the glue and the lies that were used

Have failed to keep in tact our shattered hearts.

Can we be broken together?

If only for a day

Just to be there for each other

To chase the pain away.

Can we be broken together?

I know the answer before I even ask.

We are, after all, from two different worlds

Hiding behind a mask.

Can we be broken together?

Is it such a crime?

There was a time when we shared so much

Oh, there was a time.


  • Goldfinch60

    There are many 'times in our lives' but many do just pass and each new day can bring us such wonder.


  • dusk arising

    A heartfelt and touching piece. After damage is done within a relationship it takes a great deal of courage to continue.
    Initially i thought i was reading a plea to a stranger and as such was readily relating to your piece.
    I have only read two pieces from you and note that you have a way of expressing the deep and personal emotions of relationships.

    • CLM

      Thank you

    • Mad Matt Rambles

      "Where the tape and the glue and the lies were used"
      I love this picture...
      I feel the longing in this piece. I also feel the hurt. Thanks for putting your feelings into words and being willing to share.

      • CLM

        Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you

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