My past is my life

What I have found in life is good

evil and wickedness

in joy I have celebrated life

in the company of wolves

dwelt among rich and paupers alike

what I have failed to achieve I

have gained peace

in the end

I haven't returned hatred for hate

seen the rays of sun in

my hour of need, the evil

of today is not of tomorrow

justice cannot prevail where

the is perjury, the earth has given me


I have claimed peace in public, too

much for to little, the future is

different from the past.

Every evil has its day and time



Lying lips fail the earth the truth

creates harmony, honesty and integrity

I have protected myself from falling headlong

each decision determines the outcome

the beginning has no evil yet death is


childbirth is a good beginning

that transcends all life

no one can rob my life from God

it is better to save life than

court death, life has a sense of 

direction than death

the path of life is a harbinger

of peace, peace attained, desired

is peace gained, there is life among

peacemakers, there is no loss within

peace seekers.


  • Goldfinch60

    May that peace be forever with you KD and with us all.


  • L. B. Mek

    when all is said and done, may love: prevail!
    truly, a wonderful message in your write..
    but I feel we need to start removing words like evil and demon from our verbiage when addressing our fellow humans, see
    whatever your theologically belief's, even those who may have none
    the very wording we choose to categorise or explain the actions of our fellow humans is misleading,
    for the fact is: everything we've experienced and taken for granted in our lives can be flipped, had we merely been born into a different situation,
    therefore those who commit heinous crimes, that we title animals and judge so harshly, could have easily been you and me,
    should we have been subjected to the same experiences/influences of life and made the same wrong choices that resulted in their humanity being corrupted so drastically..
    ultimately, the difference between good and bad is in the choices we make, not in some abstract notion of evil and demon possession to explain away the crimes and hateful actions of our 'fellow human beings',
    its easy to box other's away into convenient labels that dissociate them from us, when all humans share 99% of the same DNA - as a starting point,
    we too easily forget: fascism first conquered the mind's of its own nation, by dehumanising those in opposition of its ideologies,
    Franco - Mussolini and hitler's first objective was to imbed enough social division so that no - single group could oppose its rise, while busily fighting each other and so unable to gather to form a unified front, before it was too late..
    I know, I know I'm being overtly dramatic but its for a purpose - see, each day we see our own society being fragmented into an ever more fractured state, in real time
    maybe it will all work out, or sadly my fears will be realised...
    but what matters most I think is that we inject words like humility and empathy at very opportunity and do what we can individually and collectively, to fight against that tide of hate and segregation that's threatening our way of life..
    (I apologise for my scribbled tirade, in no way was I targeting you directly dear poet, feel free to delete my comment)

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