PrEm Ji




I see the mountains

So far, so clear,

After many long years

Of contamination!

O Mama,

You are having

A great face-lift

After lock-downs!


I see wild swans

And dolphins

Back in rivers

And butterflies

Flutter everywhere!

O Mama,

You are having

A new life-path

After severe lock-downs!


Air is so pure,

Wind is so cool,

Fragrant and refreshing!


I am not

I am not free to

Feel the freshness!

O Mama,

Why did you lock-down my face?


Time seems to be

Going faster

Drenched in fear and

Deep depression,

Time is speeding up

Fuelled with pandemic dreams!

O Mama,


Unmask my face

And return my smile.

O Mama,

Unmask my face

And return my soul.


O Mama,

Let's dream for 

A mask-free new world....






  • Goldfinch60

    That new world will be with us soon, we are gradually unlocking into it Premji.


    • PrEm Ji

      Thank you

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