brianna jean zeiger

tainted innocence .

your broken innocence shone through you,


like the sun beaming,


belligerently tearing through the clouds


after an unwelcome thunderstorm. 




who were you?


before your purity was mutilated,


before your perception of this world was blemished,


before your,


every sense of protection and safety was stripped


out of your






damaged hands?




who are you now? 


do you even truly know?


have you been running your whole life?


just to find a home


to where you feel acceptance?




you only continued to feel restless-


in every home,


you opened your arms to.


giving you no place to settle.




you make your past pain


so subtle.




you use it in such a way


that is so intelligent


and somehow pleasant?


with each experience


and story


you share,


we find the ones


we resonate with,






And with that said,






the stories-


you have shared,


provided the warmth and light 


i didn't know i needed. 


i was then,


able to grow again,


right beside you. 




  • Bragee

    Good writing.
    Peace and love!

  • Goldfinch60

    May that warmth and light be forever with you.


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