Nothing Lasts Forever


Nestled high 

upon a labyrinth of time 

in corridors stark and deep 

within a starry sleep 

abounding in midnight blues 


Unceasingly caressing 

that departed kiss 

on the back of a memory 

when life was simple 

and the dream was alive 


Unveiling a desirable notion 

beguiled at the thorn

at the onset of no return 

in seasons   

divided by the passage of time 

and a foretaste of what’s to come  


Still nursing  

that ill-wanting feeling  

that got away 

rehearsed in a dream 

within a vague theme  

seduced by the desires of youth   

in the infinity of space 

Feeling alone  

and left for want  

hasting with bitterness  

and discord  

combing possibilities 

from the other side of the world 

at the forefront of fruition 


'til your being 

sojourned from a fantasy 

in a surreal enchantment

of euphoria

guiding my soul 

within a black embrace 

to fill that  

vacated promise of long ago 



with disillusion 

and fearful 

at the impasse  

abiding in doubt, 

never thought   

you'd stand   

with me again 

as your words  

tendered the escapade  

of my life  


Seems like only   


when you called  

out to me  

and the world   

would cease  

in the stillness 

of your hold 


Like far   

and in between  

that I’d begin to wonder 

why your distance parts  

when you're near me 


And where it was   

when you first kissed me  

and held me in your arms  

and told me   

that you loved me 


Excruciatingly waking at the fold 

without your hold 

as birds calm that bewildered sensation 

of loss and found 


Nothing lasts forever  

you and I are bound together  

in a timeless span 

within a song and dance

that'll never be,


O nothing lasts forever 

for me...

  • Author: Gino (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 17th, 2021 23:31
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 59
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  • Goldfinch60

    Good emotive words Gino.


    • Gino

      Thank you Andy for your comment.

    • L. B. Mek

      'rehearsed in a dream
      within a vague theme
      seduced by the desires of youth
      in the infinity of space'..
      the sheer scope of yearning's - meaning, you've excavated with such unrelenting ambition, stemming from a need to express your dedication, to that special someone: knowing very well - they may never read a single line..
      just brilliant!
      thanks for sharing dear poet

      • Gino

        Thank you so much L. B. Mek for your wonderful description of the poem.

      • Saima

        Wow Gino, this was really moving. Keep it up:)

        • Gino

          Thank you Saima. Long time no see. I hope you're doing good and stay safe...

          • Saima

            Yes I know... you too Gino. Take care of yourself

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