Lasting Love

Lasting Love


From fifth grade pigtails put into ink wells

to teenage kisses at the doorstep

life flows like water building swells

as it runs downward to become a seascape.


From youthful encounters late at night

to married bliss in your own home

the river of time carries us toward an unavoidable rite

from which there is no escape.


From the trials of middle age

to the frightening specter of approaching doom

the majestic river of old age

races us to the finish tape.


Turn around and measure life’s trail.

Enjoy the triumph of life’s totality.

The river of time has carved a record in detail

of a life that a lasting love has shaped.



  • Goldfinch60

    That river of time shows that love can conquer all and will go on forever into eternity - it does for me.


  • Neville

    ... a most impressive and likewise endearing poem in its own write both as read from one end to t'other ...

    ... However, as is oft the case, having re-read and considered your words several times over .. I do believe that we could very easily have four separate shorter little gems strung back on back ...

    Tis good to see you posting sir ... hope you are both safe n well ....


  • Neville

    ... I felt compelled to pay my respects to the words on this page again .. and indeed to your good self my friend ...

    • MendedFences27

      Thank you for all of your kind words. Maybe, there are four poems in it and maybe they could stand alone, but I think they would need to be expanded to give them a purpose. As always your comments are truly appreciated.

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