She's running along the rocky tracks in sandles and skirt worn to her ankles her blouse loosely hanging

She's running the race to the top of the mountains over the rivers with the sweat on her forehead and nothing can stop her

63 miles over barren lands heat from a burning sun her pleated hair hanging down her back her feet as black as dirt but on she runs.

Head high, eyes focused as if she is running for her life past the plantations a tropical forest and over a bridge of rickety planks she runs lightfooted as a mouse .

She dosent need like others the fancy running clothes or shoes to win the race Just her will and her strength she will run with pride as far as her feet will take her As far as her body lets her.

People cheer from muddy paths along the way she keeps running and so doesn't feel to lose heart . How many miles has she ran  on sandals worn and torn she doesn't know maybe 300 or more 

She was happy because no one was catching up! 

Not thinking! Only thinking of how good it feels 



  • Goldfinch60

    May that feeling be forever with her.


    • rosiedm

      Andy It's wrote after a true documentary of Lorena a Mexican 22 year old who runs every day🙄

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