Thomas J. Dooley



What we have lost we will again find new

Sorrow is the nourishment to make love bloom

In the fires, these souls will return soon


These ashes, a new India will rise.

Forget the words of criticism; and what are called lies

Look to the words of the Gita to find all the love, peace, and purity 


Understanding is lost in the minds of those who can't see the sunrise

As Maata Ji cries, her tears purify the waters of the Ganges

We enter another time of colonization of our souls' new freedom we need


These ashes, a new India will rise.

Look to the flag saffron of courage, the white of purity, the green of fertility.  

As the Dharma Chakra walks these auspicious lands


Love is in the purifying fires of the cremations.

The soul released in the smoke forming a new nation

The ashes are the mortar to form the base for the flag can fly high  


These ashes a new India will rise

A new life, a new determination for the mind

Peace, Love, and Purity again we will find.


©Copyright Thomas J. Dooley


  • Candlewitch


    this speaks of a higher love. very lovely!

    *smiles, Cat

  • Goldfinch60

    Yes India will rise again into glory.


  • PrEm Ji

    We will resurrect...
    We will save the world from Covid too...

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