Are we human.

Feeling suffocation grasping around my neck Closed doors and windows I'm watching through the gap

Space is limited and every sound now hurts my brain.  Inside I'm screaming this silence has became

new noise

Like falling rain trickling down the window pane.

T.V people are burning my eyes talking of statistics and figures but are they telling lies?

Nothing has changed!

Is it April’s fool again Surprise!

We Now have a new Rule “Lockdown” staying safe, staying alive

But these days are continuing into the night And the world is turning a shade of white.

We are cooking like we’ve never had before Baking breads from books we once classed a chore

These days are becoming increasingly long And the door bell hasn’t sang its usual Ding Dong!

Every tick tock of the clock is like a beating heart counting seconds by the minute by the hour and every moment that has passed Is an empty memory in the past

As we wait until we're asked

This Isolation feels like a plaster cast Beginning to itch under the weight

I pray

This covid virus wont accelerate

And we can make a change to heal, save the world from losing control  let us feel we can make a difference and endangered species are not suffering from our wrongs.

For tomorrow isnt here for too long!



  • Goldfinch60

    Things are gradually getting better in life as the lockdown eases.
    Tomorrow will be there for eternity Rosie.


  • Michael Anthony

    Enjoyed this Rosie, thank you. The pandemic has been a difficult/crazy/eye-opening experience for us all.

  • rosiedm

    Thanks. Its not recent I wrote it last year when we all where
    Just beginning to understand
    What was happening 🤔

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