My Life in the Stars

My life started as a single speck.

9140 Harrison Drive

Springfield, Texas.


West of 9140

lies the brown brick building of Birkes Elementary.

The carefree nature of my youth.

Here I swung from my calloused hands

on the monkey bars.

I dared Hannah to breach the hill and near the fence.


East of 9140

The intersection of Telge and West Road

is the Chevron I went to for cherry Icees

Wednesdays, when school let out.

The dry cleaners where I dropped off my mom’s

silk, polyester, chiffon, and linen clothes

to get professionally cleaned.


And at the end of the line was the

“go to” family restaurant Husky’s.

Fixed to the wall was the menu

above a floor sticky with spilt soda,

and an arcade in the back for the kids

with Dance Dance Revolution and Pinball.


Gone now, are Husky’s burgers and sticky soda floors.

Replaced by Verna Mae’s po-boys and seafood.

Revamped with dining room seating

and dazzling light fixtures.

The hushpuppies keep me going.


North of 9140

At Telge and Freeway Access Road

stood a gas station. A dying Chevron turn

shiny new Swift station, but the “w” missing.

Opposite the station was the rail yard

that housed the freight trains.

I heard them every morning.


I pass my childhood constellations

and teenage stars, reaching out

toward the next glinting speck. Adulthood.

Now in college, I am an astronaut

that can’t see my future in the constellations

Their light has not reached me yet, but in time it shall.


  • XIdlepoetX

    I live in Scotland, and for as long as I can remember I've always been weirdly fascinated with the Americana beauty. This poem is a deep ocean of life you've facsimiled and turned into words. I could live in the bittersweet happiness of it.

  • Doggerel Dave

    This work really drew me into your place in an environment full of texture and detail. A three dimensional picture. The feel of time passing and thus change also in the mix.
    Really engaging read which put together elements of your life and transformed it into so much more.
    Many thanks for that, M.

  • Eugene S.

    Very easy to envision and relate to. I'm there. I appreciate the aspects of direction and progression.

  • L. B. Mek

    utilising purposed imagery and detailed - clarity, to produce poetry
    with a capacity to gift your audience
    a painstakingly rendered and immersive reading experience,
    (through countless subtle revisions, I imagine)..
    such a brilliant read!
    thanks for choosing to share your unique voice, dear poet

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