Fay Slimm.






Stars like sparks splutter to bed
as birds catch fire.

Smut-red lips of sultry sun kiss
mouldering night
and with dawn's tinted shimmer 
blue high-light's sky.


Throat of thrush flintily strikes
more trilled intent,
while edge of new day's inciting
makes eye-sight bent
on shining explosion to electrify
flight for one insect
and I just stare quietly admiring
wings in strident zest
as self unfed searchers must try
to find nourishment
if needy nestlings are to survive.

Day's birth reminds
all early bird risers of urges felt 
by instinctive signs.





  • rebmasters

    Beautiful and evocative language. A treat for the eyes. I particularly love the 2nd stanza

  • Doggerel Dave

    I'll settle for the last - so we have almost got it covered.
    'Pity 'your' birds don't appreciate the great write ups you bestow on their behalf, Fay.

  • Jerry Reynolds

    Strong imagery, Fay. Delicious poem.

  • Neville

    I just kinda knew you had something like this up ya sleeve Fay ... I am a horneythologist after all ......... never thought it might read quite so beautiful tho' .....


    • Fay Slimm.

      Been up me sleeve has this one for quite a while Nev. - last summer in fact but many warm thank yous for reading and giving your welcome comment - - smilin' big here and just gotta naughtily add - - horney - yes but not sure about the thologist ...............x

    • Goldfinch60

      Being an ‘early bird riser’ myself I see and here all these wonderful glories of nature at dawn. Good write Fay.


    • PrEm Ji

      I see the world through your poetic eyes!

    • L. B. Mek

      'and with dawn's tinted shimmer
      blue high-light's sky.'
      'and I just stare quietly admiring
      wings in strident zest'..
      such unassuming elegance within words, you've shared
      simply beautiful, dear Fay

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