Have you ever found something...

Something so precious

You’re so afraid to lose it

You feel the need to guard it


You become so insecure...


About everything and everyone

You start feeling like you can’t let your guard down


Everyone becomes a suspect...

They start looking like thieves in the night

So those high walls you have to keep erect

While they wait for you to let your guard down


And you feel like you don’t deserve it

Like you didn’t work for it

Like good things don’t just happen to people like you

Like it’s way above your league

Like it’s meant for someone better than you


Because you’re so used to relating to trash

So your walls are so high and you can turn your feelings off in a flash


That’s how I feel about you

The problem is...

You’re not a thing

You’re a whole person

A human being.


And sometimes, I still feel like damaged goods.



  • Accidental Poet

    You have to love yourself in order to feel loved. Well penned kachee. ; ) AP.

    • kaychee

      I’m trying. Thank you.

    • Goldfinch60

      That love will be within you and your life will be wonderful Kaychee.


      • kaychee

        Thank you

      • L. B. Mek

        kinda awesome, how diverse a reading experience Poetry can offer..
        really like your positive message, thanks for sharing

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