Aa Harvey

Heaven sent

Heaven sent



Stars tell a story, they’re beginning to talk.

Let’s leave them to their dancing and go for a walk.

Sunlight doesn’t shine like diamonds, but stars do.



Life is a fable and it’s packing a punch.

Let’s hide away so they can’t find us,

And then I can be yours, my love.



Walked over deserts just to meet you this time.

Travelled the oceans and flew all of the skies.

I was always trying to find you.

I found you; you found me.



You’ve kissed all the frogs; let me become your Prince.

I am for certain, whilst you’re not convinced.

All things change and there is a better way,

I promise you and I mean it.



Let’s grow old together and remember the love.

Beating hearts never collided as fast as us.

You are a lightning bolt and you’ve struck me.

I wish you’d been convinced, yours…Your Prince.



If Heaven is there, I wanna go there with you.

I want to lift you up when you’ve got the blues.

B.B. doesn’t sing like Aa,

But baby, let’s do it my way.



This ring is the end of my search for love.

You are the way and in you I trust.

100 percent you are Heaven sent.

My God-send, my journey’s end,

With you I am God-Blessed.



(C)2021 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.


  • myself and me

    What else we should ask for? Lovely indeed.

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