dusk arising

trail to sleep


the trail to sleep eludes
and mind treads the dusty path
of footsteps passing
through a rainstorm
of memories
arm in arm with
a softness of romance
where once a
future was nurtured
and matured into
the unforseen days
of a future passed
and now pass again
through shallows and puddles
of one mind's tangle
where no reasoning prevails
just shreds of a life
where loving, regret
and achievement fall into
a maelstom of
pillow headed confusion
above the abyss of sleep
waiting to capture all
which falls into
it's secret darkness


  • Fay Slimm.

    Very relatable the roamings of past events on that trail to sleep as you so well express Dusk - - vivid and inventive your descriptions - - you have such a way with words .

    • dusk arising

      Thank you Fay. This came to me in a flash whilst thinking about my sleep problems of late. My body clock is about 12 hours out of sinc at the moment and efforts to correct it result in hours of head on pillow with a semi awake mind wondering all over the place.

    • yellowrose

      Beautiful poem 🙂 love your choice of words

      • dusk arising

        Thank you yellowrose, i enjoy wordplay but often I find it a challenge to find the right ones to express my thoughts.

      • Goldfinch60

        That 'pillow headed confusion' may well sort itself out as you raise your head from the pillow each morning.
        Memories can be so confusing sometimes da.


        • dusk arising

          I've become a daytime snoozer and nightime insomniac and it's really stopping me from doing things which need to be done.

        • jarcher54

          I will remember "where no reasoning prevails" above all the interesting conceits in this little poem. The poem itself reads like a string of one's thoughts (or whatever they are) as one drifts off after a little bit of insomnia. Did you write it as you fell asleep? Very observant and artful.

          • dusk arising

            I've having insomnia problems lately. The other night i heard the first verse of 'Nights in white satin' the old seventies record on the radio and it struck me how those words were similar to my thoughts as i lay searching/waiting for sleep to find me. I got up off my bed and penned this.
            Thank you for your insightful words, much appreciated.

          • orchidee

            Yes, tricky to get to sleep at night, I find, if napping in the day or early evening. By the time we get to bed we are awake! doh!
            Coooeee, you asleep now?

            • dusk arising

              I'm so dozy lately until it comes to bedtime when i seem to be wide awake.

              • orchidee

                I've gone mad. I asked someone 'You asleep?' They said 'Yes'! Eh??

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