L. B. Mek

of Despairing, ganGreen Heart’s



There’s a Green Heart icon, blazing

on a side of a Tower-block building

a vibrant Flag of Defiance, dipped

in Nature’s resilient colours, as a symbol 

of ‘Hope, Unity, Love

and Remembrance’...


Last year’s, annual Silent walk 

marked the 3rd year Anniversary 

of London’s: Grenfell, shame!

Due to UK’s Covid nightmare 

we had to attend - online

a surreal Virtual event

we assumed, would be - as bad

as things - could Retrograde; 


on May 7th 2021, some 31 days, away

from this year’s Grenfell memorial date

another Tower-block 

set London’s sky’s ablaze, once again

forcing 25 Fire Trucks 

and 125, brave Firefighters 

to endanger their lives and relieve

those traumatic Grenfell scenes, again...


All caused, by inhumane: Construction practices

with private companies Government Enabled

and subsidised, Encouraged into cutting

petty fiscal corners by Knowingly, utilising Faulty

building Cladding materials 


that’s right, multimillion contract’s

short-changed, in-to

human Death-traps, by bottom-line 

mandating, Mindsets

by number crunching, over Cladding...?!


72 Children, Parents and in some ghastly cases

Three or four generations, of a family: Murdered

in one single - abhorrent night


by that Multiplicative - festering Greed

of Capitalism’s

morally bankrupt – Ideal


and indefensibly - defunct 

Governmental disdain 

for those, most needy: in our Society.


Six days earlier, to 2021’s

ill-fated Friday’s

Poplar fire disaster, Parliament: Rejected

an amendment, to 2017’s Grenfell disaster - Pacifying

Fire Safety Bill, that has now shackled 

hundreds of those same Grenfell’s survivors

and Thousands of London’s citizens 

to foot the Bill

for Remedying fireproofing works

with individual costs ranging into Thousands of pounds! 


In 4 years

since Grenfell’s - shame

with residents, burdened - to Pay

for our Government proposed

Fire safety Bill changes;


barely, Fifty %

of London’s Tower-blocks

have had their Death-trap cladding



Meanwhile, a month earlier

in March 2021 while the UK media

was Conveniently: distractedly, ENRAGED!

At a talk show interview - performance 

consisting of inflammatory, one-sided

scripted statements, by part-time actress

and Fool-time: millionaire - Celeb;


our UK government, Brazenly announced

it was ending 30 year’s 

of Nuclear warhead - Gradual disarmament

and instead, confirmed it was utilising

Vital: Taxpayers funds, during a Global pandemic 

to order More: trident Warheads

and Add to its already substantial, Nuclear stockpile...


Tell me, how do we teach our children 

to hope: for better?

When we’re all walking around

with that Gangrene despair

of disillusionment and festering: distrust


feeling, that bleak hollowness


with every breath of politicised toxicity

we inhale 

and exhale: daily, while lamenting endlessly


forced, to rasp-out our choking


while traversing that ever inclining, climb

to fight-on

in remembrance and quested Justice: for Grenfell’s


EverGreen legacy: for Change

to Stop

such Systemic abuses, targeting

the Most  

needy, in our Society…



© L. B. Mek

8th of May 2021


  • dusk arising

    Are we associating the opposition of the rights of tower block residents to be compensated by at fault manufacturers with the right of UK residents to have the defense of 'mutual assured destruction' waved in the face of any foreign aggressor?
    Why so, when both are a necessity?

    • L. B. Mek

      lol, Yeah
      in a Landmass that's a blip, on any significant Map
      our Threat is what? mutual Assured destruction?
      'What your 50 can do in seconds
      my 200, Warheads will: Try - to, in Days'
      yeah I'm sure the rest of the world is Quaking...
      Just so sad, that's what you came away with
      from this Time consuming and lengthy read,
      what a waste of your precious Time, and for that
      I can only, pityingly: apologise...
      still, thanks all the same

      • dusk arising

        Thank you for your pitying apology, graciously accepted by this inhabitant of a 'blip on any significant map' but nonetheless such a significant blip that you chose to write a 'time consuming and lengthy' piece about our internal concerns. PMSL

      • Teddy.15

        Hello dear Poet, I'm from the heart of london although now I reside in Italy for the past 20 years, the day of this awful fire was one of my saddest of course I saw all the footage . I couldn't comment on the facts but I think your last stanza speaks volumes. No where in the UK do they need to use cheap unsafe cladding. I actually feel sorry for people who still live in that risk, and of course for those who lost their lives. I wonder if you know so much about this subject, you could tell me what they are doing with that ghostly site now? I would hope they bring it down? Maybe build a garden of rememberence?

        Your title is very very powerful.

        • L. B. Mek

          not sure exactly, from the picture and seeing it in person
          I can verify the building is still there and proudly baring that heart icon
          I always assumed it was being worked-on, but I'm not certain..
          Thanks for your empathetically humane response and comment
          it means a lot, on somewhat non-conventional and polarising
          write's like these, my friend

          • Teddy.15

            Dear L.B you know I've never read a poem on this subject, just shows that, you my friend are a magnificent poet with empathy passion and belief and what happened to those.people.should have never happened and I hope will never happen in the future, I can tell you found this hard to write and to post I give full respect to you. Poets are the voice and you have used yours. A subject so sensitive. X

          • Neville

            my word you amaze me sir how well you know your stuff ...

            I was horrified but sadly, not surprised by the reference to what was more than just a near miss on 7th May this year ... thankfully no one is believed to have suffered life changing injuries in the latest inferno ..
            although it is impossible to guess the agonies those who lost the roof over their heads and all their possessions .. is it even possible to adequately compensate them .......

            ... Neville

            • L. B. Mek

              yeah, thankfully indeed!
              I think only two people had to be hospitalised, which
              in comparison to Grenfell is nothing short of a minor miracle
              I'm guessing the Timing and preparedness
              of our brave Firefighters had a lot to do
              with the drastically reduced impact the actual fire had,
              as for the aftereffect travesty of living conditions
              and dealing with such a traumatic experience, who knows...
              Really, appreciate the caring tone and consideration
              in your comment my friend, thank you!

            • Jerry Reynolds

              Hard hitting article, L.B.

              • L. B. Mek

                yeah, sorry
                it is kinda lengthy and not very poetic
                much more opinion-piece article in style and tone, lol
                but sometimes I feel we gota speak about things
                in a more frank manner and that leaves little room
                for creative artistry to flourish, sadly..
                really glad you still managed to get something
                out of the read, Jerry
                thanks for the supportive comment

                • Jerry Reynolds

                  I totally understand, L.B. I write those from time to time for local Papers. You may have to shape it for the editor's word count, but I am sure you can get that published. Just from the responses here. It's a really good piece.

                • PrEm Ji

                  Someone told, Covid is the death-bell of Capitalism. Unfortunately, it is not!

                  • L. B. Mek

                    Ten billionaires - Alone!
                    Have amassed some 400 Billion in 'Earnings'
                    since the Pandemic started...
                    that's that same numeric figure of 10 People, most lifts
                    feel Cramped - trying to accommodate;
                    in a global population of some 8 billion - people,
                    We rarely understand just how Morosely: Real
                    that 1% figure truly, is my friend...
                    (thank you for your insightful comment, my fellow Humanist)

                  • Trenz Pruca

                    Strong poem. Thank you.

                    • L. B. Mek

                      Impactful comment. thank: You!

                    • Goldfinch60

                      I thoroughly agree with all your words Mek, it is absolutely despicable in the way the powers that are have treated this disaster and now it seems that they just do not care about the people who suffered and are suffering. Money certainly talks.

                      "Tell me, how do we teach our children to hope: for better?" - such a very true line in your words.


                      • L. B. Mek

                        yeah, it can get depressingly surreal if we let it fester
                        best to write or speak about our frustrations
                        be they mutually shared opinions or otherwise...
                        Try as 'they' may, to convince us otherwise
                        we Know, that ultimately
                        there is more: intentional Goodness
                        than Obliviously-ignorant, maliciousness
                        in this Beautiful planet
                        we get to Visit, for a little while...
                        really appreciate your impassioned and supportive comment
                        thank you, my friend

                      • Andy Hunter

                        Their is nothing so cold as a politicians heart. Their empty promises pacify the gullible whilst they continue to enjoy support from the very people who perpetrate these tragedies by placing profit before need.
                        Thanks for sharing this.

                        • L. B. Mek

                          If I could Favourite and bookmark comments, this: would be the first!
                          Thank you for your succinct, and insightful summation of the main point
                          that inspired my write, apart from the tragic human costs;
                          (at least with your comment
                          people now have access to the most critical point
                          my feeble words failed: to bring into focus and/or convey)

                          • Andy Hunter

                            Your poem was spot on!!!
                            Very powerful message and very well structured.
                            I love reading and writing poems that sends a message. I look forward to reading more of your work.

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