A Man Who Does Not Care

Indifference, as a way of life,
is a remedy for pain.
I avoid all tumult and all strife,
I do not seek to gain
the advantage or the upper hand.
There is no benefit
in speaking out or taking a stand,
only the foolish commit.


I do not care what people think,
nor what they say or do.
Life's too short to stand on the brink,
complain or gripe or stew.
I'll go my way with confidence,
my decisions are my own.
I ask no cheery recompense,
I walk my way alone.


I am a man most satisfied,
content with how things are.
There was a time when I really tried,
but that was a shooting star
that blazed across the evening sky
to no avail at all.
I learned a lesson.  Why even try?
Results are far too small.


I'll live my days with indifference.
Concern for the other is fine
but my way of life makes perfect sense
when most of the world is inclined
to take and take, but never give,
tell me how that is fair?
So, I'll go my way and continue to live
as a man who doesn't care.


  • Goldfinch60

    Very understandable words DW, we must all go our own way in the world.


  • Doggerel Dave

    Alienation rules.....

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