There is a simple solution for World Peace
A way that the whole world must know
When we Overcome our Ignorance and Realize the Truth
Then we will peacefully enjoy the show


Why do we fight with each other?
Why all these battles and wars?
Because we don't realize we are not different from each other
Our life is full of tears and scars


We want to be more powerful and rich
Just as we are driven by our greed
Our mind makes us desire and envelops us in ignorance
Never satisfied, fulfilling our need


But what did we bring to earth?
And what will we take when we go?
When we Realize the Truth that this world is not real
We will blissfully enjoy the show


The solution for World Peace is simple
It is in Realization of the Truth
It is being Enlightened and Overcoming our Ignorance
Till we get to the bottom of the root


Why do we battle with one another?
What is the cause of the fight?
When we investigate what triggers our conflict
Only then will we see the light


The root cause of all wars is the ego
It makes us believe that we are 'I'
Together with the mind, it makes us different from others
And we are ready to make others die


I am an American, you are an Asian
I am better than you
When we compete with one another, there are battles
Isn't this what we do?


Why do we get angry and take revenge?
Why do we get jealous and hate?
Because we don't Realize that we are not different, we are the same
We take swords to each other's gate


The answer lies in the simple fact
We are all the same Divine Soul
We are not the body and the mind that we appear to be
To Realize this is our goal


How will we Realize this Truth?
We are not different, we are one
For till we don't, we will continue to shed blood
Be it with the sword or a gun


This body starts with nothing and ends as dust
And have you ever seen the mind?
When you go on a quest to Realize the Truth
Who we truly are you will find


In essence, we are all Energy
Even science confirms this pact
That every cell of the human body is not matter that we seem to be
We are Divine Energy, in fact


When you burst two balloons full of air
Where does the air in them go?
The air in the balloons merges with the air that is everywhere
This truth for sure, we know


So, at death, when the body dies
And our bones and skin become dust
The Soul inside each of us becomes one
To Realize this truth is a must


When we Realize the Truth, we are the Soul
Then all battles and wars will end
Just like the right leg will not kick the left leg
From war to Peace, we will transcend


The solution lies in knowing the secret
We are not different, we are one
The moment we do this, we will not fight with one another
World Peace will be won


Why is the world today in pieces?
Why is there no Tranquillity and Peace?
Until we Realize the Truth of who we are
Conflicts will never cease


But once there is Realization of the Truth
Then, there is no need to fight
Why kill one another and lose our Peace of Mind
This Realization comes to light


Although we appear different on the outside
The Truth is we are all the same
We are all manifestations of the one Divine
This is His Divine Game


But because this secret we don't understand
We fight and lose our Peace of Mind
But once we Realize we are all the same Divine Soul
We will be loving, compassionate and kind


For this, we must Overcome our Ignorance
And the Ultimate Truth we must know
The Power that makes creatures walk, run and crawl
Is the Power that has created this show


The Creator is everywhere, in everything
The Power that is in you and me
When we Realize that we are all a part of the Lord Divine
Peace in the world there will be


Would we take a sword and kill God?
Would you hate the Lord Divine?
If we knew that every enemy was in fact, the Almighty
All war we would rewind


Then there would be an end to all battles
And all wars in this world would cease
When we Realize the Truth of who we truly are
The world will surely have Peace


But till we don't Realize the Truth
We will hate each other and fight
We will even drop nuclear bombs and destroy cities
Just to prove our might


But once we Realize the Divine Truth
That we are all the one Divine Soul
Our hate, our anger, our jealously and our revenge
Will burn away like coal


We must go beyond nationalities
And religions we must leave behind
We must give up all differences that cause war
Then, Peace we will find


We must learn to accept one another
And not identify each other by the colour of the skin
Then, there will be Peace all over the world
If we Realize the Lord within


Aren't we all just travellers?
We come into this world at birth
But we live with ignorance with stress, worry and anxiety
And lose our Peace on earth


Let us reform the World now
Let us all live with Peace
Let us Overcome our Ignorance and be Enlightened with the Truth
Let all battles and wars cease


  • PrEm Ji

    Let your prayers be fulfilled...

  • Goldfinch60

    The Hippies had it right - "Make love, not war".


  • Doggerel Dave

    I've tried very hard not to comment on this poetic effort.,....and failed.
    So if you believe that 'There is a simple solution for World Peace' and that this solution would be that 'we' should forsake greed, accept truth, accept the Lord Devine, you are living in cloud cuckoo land.
    Beyond that (apart from it's length) I admired the poetic form, which you adhered to throughout.

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