sunlight emerges

Morning sun shine through my window casting shadows above my head

Wake up! Wake up! She whispers softly

I begin to stir in my cosy bed

Unwillingly pulling back the covers stretch my arms up to her light

Okay! Okay I answer leaping up

Giving her a fright

Summer’s here for a little while and flowers bloom and dance with glee

Birds are singing in the garden

Catching the worm that doesn’t see

Above the ground its pulled tweaked and ate for tea

Ha ha ! I’ve filled my breast like a honey bee

Wiping her beak on the broken fence she takes flight to the top of the tree

Leaves are slowly turning colour

The branches soon will all be bare

Showing changes autumn’s naked, stripped of all their summer wear.

Grass stops growing no longer hungry

Flowers fade and wilt or weep

Others drop their seeds for another year while they take a little sleep

Darker days and longer nights

The early birds is struggling too

He can’t see the ground for frost and picks the nuts and seeds then flew

Quickly up to rest upon a window

Singing Ach thank-you! 

The cat sneaks closely by he’s shooed,  meow meow

Scratching at the door

Growls from the dog on the other side

I pour my tea and butter my toast gazing upwards to the sky

Morning sun has disappeared

behind a cloud of Grey

Good-bye say I, see you again

After spring has came and bloomed

The Julips and the Daffidols Primroses Bluebells too

Goodbye goodbye goodbye

Shall see you all someday soon……..



Roisin moore




  • Goldfinch60

    Each day we arise into the sun is a wonderful day.


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