Andy Hunter


I see her at the station 
She’s gone without a trace 
She appears in the window 
The reflection of her face. 

I look into her eyes 
As she stares through the glass 
I wonder what she’s thinking 
The moment doesn’t last. 

I guess she’s an enigma 
Dancing round my brain 
As the crowd begins to push and shove 
I move further down the train 

And then as if by chance 
We’re standing very close 
Now almost in a trance 
I’m standing on her toes 

Embarrassed and surprised 
She smiles and says “hello
You’re standing on my foot”
I blush and say “I know”.

The doors begin to open 
I help her off the train 
Then ask if I can walk her home 
She laughs and asks “to cripple me again?”

She says “we share this journey every day 
You’ve never said hello 
I watch you staring through the glass 
Just wanted you to know”

I walk with her to the front door 
She asks “you coming in “
I wonder if her folks are home 
She gives a cheeky grin. 

She makes us both a coffee 
I’m sitting there dumbstruck 
“A penny for your thoughts” she says 
Just can’t believe my luck. 

We sit and talk for hours 
And laugh and flirt and joke 
Reticence behind me 
It’s time to go for broke. 



  • dusk arising

    I think you captured the atmosphere of younger days very well in your piece today.
    I'm laughing at myself now because in later years following divorce, the atmosphere of a first date is quite, quite different.

    • Andy Hunter

      Thanks 👍 I remember back then before the internet life and relationships were far simpler. Today it's all Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, non of which I have ever used

    • rosiedm

      Those days seen to be non existent now noticing somebody from.a far ..
      On same transport every day
      Used to same faces on public transport . Saying hello to some body now without knowing them 🤔🤔

    • Andy Hunter

      I agree, sadly.

    • Doggerel Dave

      Public transport today? Plugged in one and all - definitely not in the here and now. Glad I'm not out there calling for romantic tenders anymore.
      Great memories evoked there, Andy. Well paced, left me with a feeling of warmth.

    • Andy Hunter

      Thanks Dave.
      Enjoyed writing this one as it brought back some good memories 😅

    • Goldfinch60

      Wonderful words Andy, those times of face to face conversation were so wonderful.


      • Andy Hunter

        So True Andy, unfortunately technology has in many cases replaced good old fashioned conversation.

      • Having hope

        Wow...a great description of her...❣

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