I am

Clever as a fox,

As radiant as the stars.


A geek,

devouring graphic novels and Sci-fi

Passionate about basketball and Theatre,

Playing the part becoming a different part of me through every costume change.

Each costume, each game, a different part of me is reveled.


Yet, I am jagged around the edges,

Like the inside of a stone wall.

every edge is its own tiny mountain, beautiful in its own way.

Every quirk shoots out,

Nothing can smooth me down.


Not your run-of-the-mill girl, but

I am Mack, McAnear, Kenzie, Maddie, Macintosh, Mackenzie. 

A water mill rotating, each orbit is a new me, a different side of me.

Diverse, and I love that.


I am.


  • L. B. Mek

    your words reminded me of John Clare
    one of my all-time favourite Poet's
    and his poignant poem, 'I am!':
    ( https://mypoeticside.com/show-classic-poem-5930 )

    • M.E.M.

      I can kind of see it. Thank you for the comment!

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