Invisible until I am not.

No one sees it,

Do I even see it?


I am what they would call a geek

Engrossed in books


But no,

there’s more

So much more.


It’s called layers,

I am more than one thing 

More than just a pretty face.


More than just good grades.

Not seen behind the camera.

Mesmerized by a glowing screen


I am seen on the court.

Inside and out.

I am in the class,

on the stage.


I see it.

That glint in the eye.

I now see what no one else has.

I am connected,

these connections shape me


I am the person you see before you today

I am Mackenzie and so much more.


  • dusk arising

    Great write about the confusion of who you are. Well right now you is, what you is. And what you is, is learning to be what you're going to be which normally is a more 'together' version of you than today. phew!.... Well that's gotta be worth looking forward to for all the potential lovers around you!

    • M.E.M.

      Wow that’s an amazing round-a-bout loop of words. I actually haven’t thought about how I’ve changed since writing this poem. Thanks for the insight

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